Satisfied Customers

We have a long list of happy and satisfied customers who drive and enjoy their vehicles. A few of our satisfied customers would like to sound off below:

John Beegle“Don’t let the name fool you. It could easily be “Trick Truck ‘n Rod ‘n Vintage”! I bought my ’39 Chevy in 1967 with thoughts of making a rod out of it. But as time went on and job transfers and life intervened, I decided it was too nice, original and low mileage to alter. After many false starts, partial updating and poor storage, the time finally came to get it back to a car to be proud of. Tom and his guys exceeded my expectation and then some! Their professionalism and attention to detail is amazing, right down to the small items that I normally wouldn’t think of, like nuts, bolts and screws. Every detail was handled with care and pride. I never thought I would be able to find someone who could take care of everything that I wanted done in one shop, but my car is proof that there is one out there, and I am very fortunate to have found them!”

39 Chevy

Bob Gregg“The guys at Trick Truck N Rod did an awesome job body-working and painting my truck. I then was able to take it home and put it together myself. They even pinstriped it. Here’s the result. I couldn’t be happier!”

Bob Gregg

Roger Gabbard“I just got my 40 Ford back from Trick Truck. It is the second car I’ve had Tom work on. Couldn’t be happier. He does great work and gets it done when he promises. I will definitely use him in the future and highly recommend him and his crew. Thanks again Tom for a job well done.”

Satisfied Customer - Roger Gabbard


Wayne Burdette“I ran across an ad for Trick Truck and Rod Shop in one of my car magazines and took a look at their website to check out the shop offerings. There was a 1956 Chevy Truck that was in progress that really caught my eye. Later I saw the finished truck at a show in Indy and was very impressed. Fast forward a year or so and I happened to hit their website and saw that the truck was for sale. I immediately called Tom and set up an appointment to take a closer look at the truck and actually drive it. Once I drove it and looked at it a little closer, I knew that I had to have the truck…so I took it home that night. The thought that was put into this build was incredible. Everything from the stepped up frame to give the truck the right stance, the patina, the wheels, the pinstriping and scalloped flames, the louvers, and the diamond tuck interior is perfect! I have enjoyed this truck more than any vehicle I have owned. Tom and his team are professionals, artists, and skilled craftsmen who know how to build a truck the right way!”

Satisfied Customer - Wayne Burdett


Marlon Evans“I am thrilled – for the second time! First was my ’57 BelAir and now my 56 pick-up. I was truly amazed with the transformation. The aged paint job, they lettered and striped it, re-did the interior and got it sitting right, along with some other needed repairs. Now it’s a “real” driver and fun advertising for my business that gets a lot of attention. The guys know what they’re doing and are great to work with. I am already planning another project to bring them. Awesome job!”

Satisfied Customer - Marlons


Cindy Williams“It cost more than I thought (of course) and took longer than I expected it would, but they also did a lot more work on the car. My husband Tim and I are very pleased with the end result. I thought I would be afraid to drive it, but I’m not. It drives, runs and handles great. I love driving my car now! I would definitely recommend Trick Truck N Rod!!!”

Satisfied Customer - Yellow Camaro


Ron and Pat Pugh“Awesome job! Very happy with the outcome of our truck. The guys at Trick Truck ‘N Rod are very professional and awesome at what they do. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.”

Satisfied Customer - Ron Pugh


Mark Corrington“The thing I like most about my truck is how people just flock to it. It doesn’t matter if I’m at a car show, cruise-in or just driving around town. I’ve actually seen a guy do a U-turn just to take a picture of my truck while I was at the gas station. I get a lot of thumbs ups and honks when driving around town, and people check it out wherever I drive it. Working with Trick Truck ‘N Rod Shop was an awesome experience. Tom is so knowledgeable about these trucks that it is amazing. Tom would help me find the parts that I needed and made sure I got the right stuff to make my truck safe and reliable. Tom could take an idea I had and make it turn out even better then I could’ve imagined. Just take a look at the door panels on my truck. It was great working with such friendly and knowledgeable people. I not only got a great truck I made some good friends.”

Satisfied Customer - Mark C


Harley Phillabaum“Building my truck was a great experience. I had a lot of fun working with the guys at Trick Truck ‘N Rod, stopping by and watching the progress. It got a little more expensive than I had planned but it was worth EVERY penny. I’m really enjoying my truck”

Satisfied Customer - Harley P


Brent Wagner“The folks over at Trick Truck N Rod Shop are great people. They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to early Chevy pickups, as well as any rod project. I have been fortunate to have them do ground up builds for me that have been nothing but flawless examples. They can do a daily driver to a Rod and Custom Top 100 vehicle as I can attest.”

Satisfied Customer - Brent W


Jack & Diana Dunlap“The name of the shop is usually shortened to “Trick Truck”; what a misnomer! We have the rod that is the example of the rest of the title. Our ’39 coupe is definitely now better than new. After meeting a deer up close & personal, we entrusted our all steel rod to Tom & his professionals to repair. What a relief to find a shop that made her look better than before the accident. When you want your street rod to be treated like it is being worked on by its owner, check out Trick Truck `n Rod Shop.”

Satified 39 Ford Customer - Jack and Diana Dunlap


Ken and Lynne Brown“My 49 Studebaker needed power steering because I couldn’t drive it any longer with the original straight axle front end. We checked out Tom’s facility and discussed our needs. A lot of shops don’t want to work on anything but Chevys and Fords but Tom was willing to take on something new and different. Did it take longer and cost more than either of us thought?? Yes, of course. But when you are working with 65 year old iron, things don’t go as planned, that is when you find out who you really have teamed up with. Anyone can do it if it is easy. Their attention to detail is excellent and Tom came up with affordable solutions. I’m really glad we found Tom and his crew. Our truck now handles like a dream and we have made new friends, too.”

Satisfied Studebaker Customer - Ken Brown


There are many more happy customers just like these above. If you are looking for satisfaction and would like to move forward with your project, call Tom today at: (937) 470-8831 or email us. We can make your hot rod dream a reality!